Cooler Than Ever

New Addition to our Datacenter In our never ending quest to continually enhance and protect the environment for our cloud, colocation and dedicated server customers, we have added an additional 20 tons of cooling bringing our total cooling capacity to 60 tons or 720,000 BTU’s per hour. One kilowatt-hour (kWh) of electricity contains 3,412 BTU….

Colocation Versus Building An Onsite Server Room

Are you trying to decide between an onsite server room and renting space from a colocation facility? During a time when the web was still in its infancy and most corporate data servers were located on-premise, many business owners were forced to spend a large sum of money to invest and maintain an onsite infrastructure….

spam email

Fighting Spam Email Is Like Trying To Hit A Moving Target

Reasons Spam Email Is Getting Past Your Anti-Spam Filter Spam email has always been a huge problem. It clutters up your inbox, making it hard to find the emails important to you. With an anti-spam service, filters work to combat the vast majority of spam from flooding your inbox. However, sometimes you may see an…