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Basic Datacenter Vocabulary

Netsonic’s Datacenter Vocabulary Crash Course Netsonic is a Datacenter. That makes it extremely easy for us to use IT and Datacenter terms and jargon. We realize that not everyone who reads our blog or follows us on social media knows the terms we use. So consider this a crash course into basic datacenter vocabulary. Basic…


4 Benefits Of Blogging & How It Helps Your Business

Why Blogging? If blogging seems like an overwhelming task, your right. Blogging can be overwhelming at times from figuring out what to post, to sitting down and writing the content. However there are many reasons blogging can help your business, no matter what stage your business is at. 1. Humanizes Your Brand Humanizing your brand…


Are You Using Secure Passwords?

Password protection, is something that should be on our minds. People are using the internet for both personal and work, without make secure passwords for those accounts. That leaves many people open for internet hackers to steal their data and files. Here are some tips for to strengthen your passwords: Tips For Creating Passwords: 1.)…