Month: May 2018

Why Green Bay, Wisconsin Is A Great Place For A Datacenter

Why Green Bay, Wisconsin Is A Great Place To Keep You Data Safe Netsonic’s datacenter is located in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Why Green Bay, Wisconsin? Because of it’s low rate of natural disasters. You could be in your office looking out the window to bright sunny day. When all of a sudden your server is down….

Best Web Security Practices For Small Business

Why Does A Small Business Need Best Web Security Practices? The main purpose of cyber attacks is to obtain personal data. The hackers use the personal data for credit card or identify theft.  Small business are one of the easiest targets for hackers. 71% of cyber-attacks happen to businesses with less than 100 employees. The…

Why Your Datacenters Physical Location Matters?

Location is something every brick and mortar business thinks about when they first start. Many different factors are consider like the people who live or visit the buildings location? How is parking, and driving to the location? Is there enough space for your business, and can I grow at this location? So why don’t online…