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Cooler Than Ever

New Addition to our Datacenter In our never ending quest to continually enhance and protect the environment for our cloud, colocation and dedicated server customers, we have added an additional 20 tons of cooling bringing our total cooling capacity to 60 tons or 720,000 BTU’s per hour. One kilowatt-hour (kWh) of electricity contains 3,412 BTU….


Netsonic’s Datacenter At A Glance

An Inside Look At Netsonic’s Datacenter Netsonic is a privately owned and operated state-of-the-art datacenter facility, located in Green Bay, Wisconsin. We have been providing web hosting services since 1996. You do not have to put your trust into someone you do not know, Netsonic solely owns all server equipment, so we are the only ones with…

Colocation Hosting

What Is Colocation?

A colocation solution with Netsonic offers space, security and bandwidth for your server Colocation is a hosting solution for businesses that want the benefits of a secure, disaster recovery facility without the added expense. It allows servers to be placed into rented server racks, with access to high bandwidth speeds, network connections, regulated power, security and support….