Be Faster Than Disaster

Disaster Recovery

Did you know that 93% of businesses go bankrupt within ten days of significant data loss?

Have you ever considered what you would do in the event of a disaster?  Do you have a plan?  How you backup your data?  Are you practice recovering the data according to your recovery plan?  If you do not backup your data and/or practice recovery, you are not alone.  The majority of organizations do not and its importance only realized when a disaster strikes.

Disaster recovery as a service and Colocation services can help reduce the impact of a disaster and threats.

A risk assessment pinpoints the potential threats to the infrastructure and the disaster recovery plan identifies how to recover the most essential elements of the company to keep it up and running.

Natural disasters such as floods, tornadoes, and fires can happen along with not so natural disasters like viruses, ransomware, and humans. Server colocation with Netsonic can protect your data before and after you have to enact your DR plan. With our redundant utilities, which enable backup components to automatically kick in in the event of a utility failure, downtime can be avoided altogether.

How We Can Help

Netsonic offers colocation services to help keep your business up and running. You can also contact us today for a free assessment.