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What is web hosting?

Web Hosting Basics

What is web hosting? In order to display a website over the internet, you need a web server. A web server stores your website, so when your domain name is entered into a browser, it will connect with the server housing your site data, and deliver the information back over the internet to the end-user….

19th Anniversary

Netsonic Celebrates 19-Year Anniversary

Netsonic celebrates its 19¬†year anniversary¬†in the web hosting industry. Netsonic, the leader in web hosting and colocation, is proud to celebrate its 19-year anniversary in the industry. Established in 1996 by Adam Simpson, Netsonic originated as a provider of traditional shared web hosting services and has grown to provide dedicated, cloud, VPS, VDS and colocation…


What is a virtual dedicated server (VDS)?

What is virtual dedicated server (VDS) hosting? A Virtual Dedicated Server, also known as VDS, offers you full allocation of its server resources, isolation from other accounts and complete server control equivalent to that of a dedicated server, with the flexibility and reliability of a VPS environment. Security, Performance And Control Equal To That Of…