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Is Your Business Optimized for Mobile?

Why Optimize for Mobile? Right now you might be reading this on your phone. If you aren’t someone is. Each person who visits your website is a potential customer, and you could be loosing profits if your business hasn’t optimized for mobile traffic yet. Ways To Optimize for Mobile Mobile Friendly Website Have you ever…


Benefits Of Using A Development Website

Your online presence is extremely important. The internet influenced sales up to $2.1 trillion in 2016. It would be insane for a business not to have a website. The internet is constantly changing, new social media platforms, ad easier and more efficient ways to take online orders and programs. Not to mention your marketing team…


How Does Downtime Effect Your Business?

What is downtime? What happens when your website throws a 404 code, telling people the content it’s available? Or what happens when your employees can’t log in to do their work? Lastly how effective would your email marketing campaign be if the link brought potential customers or clients to webpage that they can’t see anything…