Why Do I Need To Backup My Business Data?

Would your business survive if you lost your data and did not have a backup?

Data loss is a constant risk for any business. Do you think your company’s information is safe? Hackers, viruses, out-of-date hardware and software, natural disasters and user error all pose threats to file deletion. With one wrong click, data could be lost with little to no warning. Whether for your website or computer, the development of a disaster recovery plan is essential for any company’s survival. Safeguard your business from the following risks.

• Destroyed files cannot always be recovered, and if they are it can be costly.

• Not all temporary storage devices are created for long-term storage, they fail, become dated and may malfunction due to corrupt files.

• Computers, mobile devices, tablets can be lost or stolen.

• All natural disasters, power failures, power spikes are unpredictable and could happen at any time.

• At some point, everyone has accidentally deleted a file.

• Problems occur during upgrades, it is always recommended to have a backup in place.

• If hacked it is much easier and safer to rebuild from a backup versus trying to figure out infected code.

The best line of defense is to store your data in a physically separate location than your local backup, protecting it from theft, fire and other local disasters. We all know backups should happen, but who has the time? Configuring settings, making sure the backups work are all time consuming. That is why Netsonic will fully manage the deployment, updates, monitoring and success of your onsite and offsite backup solutions. Your data will be replicated to our on-site centralized backup server and a copy sent to a durable off-site storage facility regularly.

Reasons to setup an effective backup process with Netsonic today:

• Easily and cost effectively expand in our highly scalable storage infrastructure.
• Gain peace-of-mind with extra protection through redundant storage and multiple physical storage locations.
• Fully managed and monitored. Backed up in the timeframe you request.
• Reduced failure and no disruptions during network outages.
• Easy and quick to retrieve deleted files or restore older versions.

Do not allow your business to become the next story, set up an effective backup plan today.