What is a Content Delivery Network (CDN)?

Maximize your site speed and performance with Netsonic’s Global CDN

Customers today expect a website to load within seconds, otherwise, they abandon it. Having a fast site is not only a user experience issue, the speed with which pages load is even alleged to be used as a factor in search engine rankings.

Naturally, anything an organization can do to improve web performance is desirable, and the Netsonic Global CDN service can help towards that objective.

The Netsonic Global CDN service provides an unmatched performance option for your website. Utilizing over 170+ diversely geographic points of presence, spread throughout 113 cities, across 43 countries.

We are able to replicate your data on a network of servers throughout the globe, moving it closer to your end user, thereby accelerating page load time, increasing page performance and removing points of network failure and congestion.

Benefits to you and your business:

• Accelerated site response and load time
• Increased reliability and performance
• Removes the workload from your origin server, reducing latency to your website
• Instant provisioning
• Easy web based reporting
• Infinite scale – additional servers and locations continually added
• Integrated within our 170+ PoP CDN Network
• IPv6 ready
• Pay only for what you use
• Affordable starting at $.049/GB
• Great if you have a lot of content to deliver
• HTTP delivery to all devices
• Suited for over 50MB of streaming audio and video without latency
• Accelerate content delivery with video on demand and live streaming of all popular video formats without buffering
• Security features like Encryption Protection, Secure Token, Geo-blocking, SSL, Anti-leech and Hotlink Prevention will help protect your content
• A faster site will increase sales and boost your search engine rankings
• Sustained during peak traffic periods
• Incase of a malfunction, content will still be available by hopping to the next closes PoP.

Netsonic Global CDN will optimize bandwidth, accelerate performance and minimize time-outs and latency, improving your users overall experience.