Security Patches and System Updates

The importance of keeping your operating system and software program security patches updated

As viruses continue to evolve, and new threats are constantly being identified. It’s more important than ever that software and operating systems also progress. This can be accomplished by adding new and improved security features. It’s the reason why minor revisions and enhancements are continually being made after the initial release of software and operating systems. These updates are created to secure existing vulnerabilities and are known as security patches.

Patches serve a very critical role, despite how annoying and frequent these alerts can be. Software vendors are constantly identifying potential risks and quickly pushing out patch releases to combat the weaknesses and security holes hackers and virus writers rely on to infect and gain remote access to your computer. This is why it is important to fix vulnerabilities before they are exploited with regular software updates.

These targeted vulnerabilities place your servers and data at risk from exploitation by hacking attacks, viruses, malware and data loss.

Here are some important tips for patch management:

• When installing security patches manually, you should never download from an unknown link or untrusted source; always download directly from the software vendor’s website.

• If you are unable to make any further updates to your current operating system or software, it is time to upgrade. The newest version is generally always going to be the safest.

• Updated and secure software is just as important as running an anti-virus program or firewall.

• Hackers target security holes and launch attacks against unpatched machines to exploit within hours of public awareness, so never wait to install the patch.

• Automatic updates provide a sure method that all the latest security patches have been installed.

Fixing vulnerabilities before they are exploited is the only way to close security holes and correct existing and future threats. By fixing vulnerabilities you to ensure your software and operating systems continue to run safely.