Zombie Apocalypse

A big topic for movies and television series as of late have centered on different versions of the forthcoming zombie apocalypse. It got me thinking… Just how long could Netsonic power the servers in our datacenter in the event of a zombie apocalypse? The outbreak of a zombie virus counts as a disaster, natural or not. So, just how long could our disaster recovery and data backup plan last….

Assuming that the zombies in this situation cannot eat through metal and silicon boards and do not drink diesel fuel, our generator will keep everything up and running for approximately 4 days before it would need to be refueled (which can be done while the engine is still running otherwise known as hot refueling). On premise, we keep about 400 gallons of fuel and roughly that same amount needs to be used for each complete refuel. When we would lose power is uncertain, it depends on the zombies and also depends on where the outbreak begins. Nonetheless, after we lose power, we would have 4 reliable days with the generator before we would need to venture out for more fuel. First, we would call the guys with the diesel tank trucks. Maybe the first day, they haven’t turned into zombies and are willing to deliver us diesel. Maybe 4 days later, they still aren’t zombies, but they’d rather not risk their lives delivering diesel or maybe they’re zombies. In either of these cases, we would resort to traveling to and from the neighborhood gas stations that sell diesel. The nearest station is 0.2 miles away which would take 6 minutes traveling afoot there and back, 5 minutes to fill our cans, so about 11 minutes total. Say we only have a bunch of 5 gallon diesel cans, but there are 5 netsonic employees in office. Someone who would have to stay behind and hold down the fort so the remaining 4 of us go out, each carrying 2 cans. 8 5gal cans equals out to 40 gallons for every 11 minute journey. To get 400 gallons of fuel we’d need to make 10 trips equaling out to an hour and 50 minutes every 4 days to do a complete refuel on the generator to keep your data safe.

How is that for a proper planning for the inevitable – a Zombie Apocalypse?


We’d probably be able to keep your servers up and your data protected a lot longer than you could do it on your own assuming you don’t have large generators, large banks of batteries, a secured building in which you keep your servers, and redundant utilities. If so, learn more about our services here on our website.