Netsonic’s Datacenter At A Glance

An Inside Look At Netsonic’s Datacenter

Netsonic is a privately owned and operated state-of-the-art datacenter facility, located in Green Bay, Wisconsin. We have been providing web hosting services since 1996. You do not have to put your trust into someone you do not know, Netsonic solely owns all server equipment, so we are the only ones with access to it. View how Netsonic protects your data with the following robust disaster recovery measures.

Datacenter Features

Server Room Power, Protection and Cooling Conditions:

  • FM200 Pre-action waterless, dustless fire suppression system.
  • Facility designed to operate within a N+1 redundancy model environment.
  • Commercial power routed underground to dedicated transformers.
  • Powered backup diesel generators with a runtime of about 4 days, which hold 100% datacenter load, in the event of an emergency.
  • Climate controlled with redundant cooling and ceiling vents, to aid and assist in clearing warm air and maintaining the correct temperature.
  • Uninterrupted UPS battery backup power supplies.
  • Facility is equipped with a transient voltage surge suppressor (TVSS), to reduce damage to data processing equipment, in the event of a power surge.
  • Certified technicians regularly check and maintain Netsonic’s backup platforms.

Network Connections:

  • A carrier neutral datacenter facility equipped with aerial and buried inbound and outbound fiber optic cables.
  • Provides high-speed Internet network connection from Juniper MX-Series routers and switches. Receive reliable wire-speed traffic management and performance with multiple gigabit Ethernet uplinks to Time Warner and AT&T.
  • Your end user will receive maximum data transfer, speed and high capacity with fiber connections to Time Warner and AT&T.
  • Additional dark fiber is in place and available from ATT and Time Warner.

Server Room Environment:

  • Netsonic’s datacenter has a Liebert 10 and 30-ton air handling units.
  • The datacenters high 12’ ceiling architecture allows hot air to rise well above servers.
  • The datacenters temperature is always maintained at 66F (+/-4F)
  • All servers are on an upper floor, above roadway and storm drains.

Server Room Equipment:

  • Best-in-class hardware used to provide high uptime performance with low latency.
  • 99.99% uptime service level agreement.
  • Crash carts and remote hands service available.
  • 24/7 Emergency admin services available.
  • Private cages are available along with half or full cabinet configurations.
  • Conference room with Wi-Fi available.

Datacenter Structure and Floor Plan:

  • The facility has a concrete structure for stability and security, along with industry-standard hard floors and overhead cabling.
  • The datacenter structure surpasses all local building guidelines and codes.
  • Datacenter rooftop access is available.

Geographic Location:

  • Wisconsin based, in a safe geographic location, well away from most natural disaster zones.

Outside Security Measures:

  • An employee escorts and supervises entrance into the datacenter. Access to the public access is restricted.
  • 24-hour video surveillance.
  • Prevention from intruders with a triggered security alarm and police dispatch.