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Why Green Bay, Wisconsin Is A Great Place For A Datacenter

Why Green Bay, Wisconsin Is A Great Place To Keep You Data Safe Netsonic’s datacenter is located in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Why Green Bay, Wisconsin? Because of it’s low rate of natural disasters.¬†You could be in your office looking out the window to bright sunny day. When all of a sudden your server is down….


Basic Datacenter Vocabulary

Netsonic’s Datacenter Vocabulary Crash Course Netsonic is a Datacenter. That makes it extremely easy for us to use IT and Datacenter terms and jargon. We realize that not everyone who reads our blog or follows us on social media knows the terms we use. So consider this a crash course into basic datacenter vocabulary. Basic…

Ides of March

The Ides of March

You’ve all heard the saying “beware The Ides of March,” but do you know about any tragic events apart from the murder of Julius Caesar? March 15th Through History The assassination of Julius Caesar 44 BC The raid on Southern England 1360 The Apia cyclone in Samoa 1889 Czar Nicholas II, ruler of Russia, forced…