Monthly archives: September, 2014

Shellshock Vulnerability

New Shellshock Vulnerability

What is shellshock? Shellshock, a serious vulnerability discovered in Bash, a popular command-line shell for Linux/UNIX operting systems and Apple’s Mac OS X, has started to pose a security threat. Bash is a widely used system, so shellshock affects a wide range of servers, computers and digital devices and all need to be fixed promptly…

Domain Names

Why Are There So Many New Domain Names?

Find out everything there is to know about new general Top Level Domains A domain name is similar to a street address. It is an unique name used to identify your website online and allows your customers worldwide to find you. Finding easy to remember online names using .com, .net and .org is becoming increasing…

MyFiles Cloud Security

Cloud Security – Is Your Cloud Data At Risk?

The security of your data in the cloud  Attention has been drawn to the security of the cloud, since news has emerged of dozens of recently stolen and leaked revealing celebrity photos. An anonymous hacker has claimed to access more than 100 celeb Apple iCloud accounts, by figuring out weak passwords and answering easy security…