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What is a virtual dedicated server (VDS)?

What is virtual dedicated server (VDS) hosting? A Virtual Dedicated Server, also known as VDS. A VDS offers you full allocation of its server resources, isolation from other accounts and complete server control equivalent to that of a dedicated server. You get all of the flexibility and reliability of a VPS environment. Security, Performance And…

Cloud Computing Security

Cloud Computing Security

Valuable Tips For Cloud Computing Security As cloud server adoption continues to grow, so do security risks. The threat from cyber crime has made it vital to take some protective measures while computing in the cloud. Gain peace-of-mind by enforcing the following tips. When selecting a cloud hosting service read the fine print: Many people believe…


Netsonic’s Datacenter At A Glance

An Inside Look At Netsonic’s Datacenter Netsonic is a privately owned and operated state-of-the-art datacenter facility, located in Green Bay, Wisconsin. We have been providing web hosting services since 1996. You do not have to put your trust into someone you do not know, Netsonic solely owns all server equipment, so we are the only ones with…