Monthly archives: September, 2014

Secure File Sharing

How Secure Is Your File Sharing Service?

Are you choosing price over security when it comes to file sharing and storage? Plenty of cloud file sharing services are becoming available, as colleagues, clients and friends look for easier ways to collaborate together. A number of the most popular file sharing companies have started offering generous amounts of storage space for free, as…


Optimize & Safeguard Your Data With CloudFlare

Managed CloudFlare by Netsonic provides your website with security, as well as improved site speed and performance CloudFlare allows you to enhance your worldwide website existence, at an affordable price, while protecting your online presence. It is an intermediary between your visitors and server, which will shield and filter malicious traffic and threats that waste…


The Power Of WordPress

Why so many people are turning to WordPress to power their business websites WordPress, a blog tool, publishing platform and CMS, is wildly popular around the world.¬†Developers and designers use it, as well as novices who lack coding expertise.¬†With its simple interface and more than 1,000 custom themes and plug-ins, WordPress makes it easy to…