Optimize & Safeguard Your Data With CloudFlare

Managed CloudFlare by Netsonic provides your website with security, as well as improved site speed and performance

CloudFlare allows you to enhance your worldwide website existence, at an affordable price, while protecting your online presence. It is an intermediary between your visitors and server, which will shield and filter malicious traffic and threats that waste your bandwidth and resources such as spammers, SQL injection, DDoS attacks and abusive bots and crawlers. Your website performance will increase with automatic page distribution through an intelligent global content delivery network, placing all your content closer to your end users, and keeping it available even when your server may not be. Here is how CloudFlare is increasing site performance, while decreasing spam and other attacks:

CloudFlare by Netsonic Basic Features

• Speeds up your website with automatic CDN, which distributes your content around the world, so it’s closer to your end users.
• Keeps your site protected against SQL injections, WP-login hack attempts, basic DDos attacks and other threats, with the added layer of CloudFlare security.
• Receives insight and search engine crawling reports indicating all blocked threats from reaching your site.
• Shields and prevents concerns about already known threats and hosts.
• Fine-grained blocking capabilities allow you to block single or entire ranges of IP’s.
• Comment spam prevention identifies and blocks spam comment bots.
• Removes the persistent threat of site duplication with content scraping protection.

Enhanced Features

• Automatically optimize for fastest response time, across mobile and desktop platforms.
• Pre-load most common sections of your website during browser idle time.
• With the Web Application Firewall, a complete inspection will be completed of each incoming request to detect threats before reaching your server, improving site performance and security.

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