How Secure Is Your File Sharing Service?

Are you choosing price over security when it comes to file sharing and storage?

Plenty of cloud file sharing services are becoming available, as colleagues, clients and friends look for easier ways to collaborate together. A number of the most popular file sharing companies have started offering generous amounts of storage space for free, as the need for file solutions grow. However, free is not always completely free, especially when it deals with user privacy, control and security. Are you sacrificing user privacy for cost?

Our MyFiles service structure allows file versioning, synchronizing, backups and mobile app usage, securely, unlike some of the big names in the cloud storage industry that focus on ease-of-use over security and protection. Here are some security questions you should be asking:

Are User Files Really Being Backed Up? 

Certain file-sharing providers are primarily designed for easy and convenient file sharing, and would be costly for long-term storage and file backup. The MyFiles service was built with storage and data loss prevention in mind, all customer servers are automatically fully backed up nightly.

Should Storing Critical And Sensitive Files In A Publicly Shared Disk Environment Be Trusted?

While many users like the price and adaptability of some of the large file sharing providers, all critical data resides on publicly shared cloud servers. In shared setups, servers are typically overloaded, users share all resources and all user data is mixed together. MyFiles accounts are setup on dedicated servers with file space completely independent of other users.

Is The Provider Able To See And Access User Files?

Many providers manage and control user encryption keys, giving them access to the files being stored on their servers. This allows people you do not know or trust to have full access to your data. MyFiles users have full control of data key encryption and decryption. We can only see how many files and the amount of storage space users are occupying.

All files are encrypted on the user computer before being transferred to the MyFiles cloud. Files are not only encrypted during transit, but stay encrypted while at rest, making it impossible for us to access files being stored. Many services do not provide a client side encryption scheme, due to the amount of server space it takes.

Can It Be Proved That The Provider Cannot Read Your Data They Say Is Encrypted?

With files being fully encrypted end-to-end and only users having the ability to decrypt, passwords lost, cannot be retrieved. An easy way to check for this is if the reset your password link exists on the login page.

Does The NSA (National Security Agency) Receive Data Dumps Or Are Images From Files Being Placed Into A Facial Recognition Database?

Unlike other providers, we cannot give data information to government agencies since we ourselves are unable to access the data.

Is Personal Data Files And Pictures Being Mined To Sell The Metadata?

Many of the larger companies are mining user data for commercial reasons and selling it. With MyFiles privacy is important. We do not mine or sell your data.

What precautions are you taking to guard your business? Are you choosing cost over privacy? MyFiles by Netsonic adopts stronger methods of security and privacy protection to keep your critical data safe.