Beware of Leprechauns This St. Patrick’s Day

Beware Of Leprechauns

Happy St. Patricks Day! While you are out eating your fill of corn beef and cabbage, and drinking green beer Netsonic will take care of any leprechaun that comes you way. For anyone who doesn’t know leprechauns are nothing like the cartoon form Lucky Charms, even if they are magically delicious. According to Irish folklore leprechauns, were liars, not to be trusted, and terrible tricksters. I’ve gathered some fun facts about the leprechaun. I hope to give you more ways to prepare you for them, on St. Patricks Day.

Leprechaun Facts

  1. Leprechauns are part of the fairy family.
  2. They work as shoemakers.
  3. According to legend the way they get their pot of gold by making shoes. Other legends state that they are the bankers of the fairies. Making sure no fairy spend his/her riches foolishly.
  4. If you have the chance to catch leprechaun, he has to tell you were his gold is, but be careful. They have a history of outsmarting and tricking you if you take your eye off them.
  5. Their are 236 leprechauns that live, and are protected, at Carlingford Mountains in Ireland. If you are ever in Ireland they do offer tours, incase you want to try your luck at finding one.
  6. Old, distrusting, loner males that are short wearing a green suit and hat, carrying a shoe in one hand and hammer in the other is how you can identity a leprechaun.
  7. You can hear a leprechaun before you see them. Their shoes make a tap-tap-tapping noise.

How To Protect Yourself From Leprechauns

Incase your business becomes a target of Leprechaun attack, Netsonic is here to help. At Netsonic we have a disaster recovery & back up solutions, that way you won’t lose your data and files. We also offer SpamArmor, that way you have a better chance avoiding ransomware and other viruses that may harm your business. On top of those services we have an extremely safe and secure datacenter in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Netsonic is ready to take care of the leprechauns and any other online tricksters that come your way.