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Happy Easter!

‘Hoppy’ Easter from all of us at Netsonic! Whether you’re looking for web solutions for your company or for your own personal needs this Easter season, we can accommodate you. Our customers range from large corporate businesses, to small local businesses, to private accounts for individuals. Many people think that colocation is strictly for large…

Ides of March

The Ides of March

You’ve all heard the saying “beware The Ides of March,” but do you know about any tragic events apart from the murder of Julius Caesar? March 15th Through History The assassination of Julius Caesar 44 BC The raid on Southern England 1360 The Apia cyclone in Samoa 1889 Czar Nicholas II, ruler of Russia, forced…


Beware of Leprechauns This St. Patrick’s Day

Beware Of Leprechauns Happy St. Patricks Day! While you are out eating your fill of corn beef and cabbage, and drinking green beer Netsonic will take care of any leprechaun that comes you way. For anyone who doesn’t know leprechauns are nothing like the cartoon form Lucky Charms, even if they are magically delicious. According…