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Beware of Leprechauns This St. Patrick’s Day

Beware Of Leprechauns Happy St. Patricks Day! While you are out eating your fill of corn beef and cabbage, and drinking green beer Netsonic will take care of any leprechaun that comes you way. For anyone who doesn’t know leprechauns are nothing like the cartoon form Lucky Charms, even if they are magically delicious. According…


Are You Using Secure Passwords?

Password protection, is something that should be on our minds. People are using the internet for both personal and work, without make secure passwords for those accounts. That leaves many people open for internet hackers to steal their data and files. Here are some tips for to strengthen your passwords: Tips For Creating Passwords: 1.)…

Colocation Versus Building An Onsite Server Room

Are you trying to decide between an onsite server room and renting space from a colocation facility? During a time when the web was still in its infancy and most corporate data servers were located on-premise, many business owners were forced to spend a large sum of money to invest and maintain an onsite infrastructure….