Why Are There So Many New Domain Names?

Find out everything there is to know about new general Top Level Domains

A domain name is similar to a street address. It is an unique name used to identify your website online and allows your customers worldwide to find you. Finding easy to remember online names using .com, .net and .org is becoming increasing difficult. Many business owners are being forced to use abbreviated or lengthened name alternatives.

As registering a relevant domain name becomes more and more challenging ICANN, a non-profit organization, also know as Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, is taking initiative to expand the domain name space. The dominant domain will continue to remain .com, but throughout the year, ICANN will continue to launch over 700 new gTLD’s.

Advantages Of New Domain Names

New names lead to new opportunities and a range of other advantages, like:

Expanded Domain Name Opportunity:

The initiative is to expand, providing more choices and the opportunity to pick a highly sought after domain, that fits your brand, without having to settle.

Instant Brand Recognition:

Bring brand awareness to your internet address with a highly visible suffix that will identify what your business is known for.

Shortened URL’s:

Taking a URL like domainnameaboutphotography.com and shortening it to domain.photography will clearly state what your website is about and stand out in search results.

Increased Search Efficiency:

New domain name extensions will make it easier for your customers to find your product quickly and efficiently by searching for your website suffix ending.

Better Branding:

Have the opportunity to operate your own gTLD branded directly to your trademark and raise company credibility.

Raise Search Engine Rankings:

Clearly describing and communicating your industry and geographic location will bring new prospects and customers to your website, heightening your search engine rankings.

As new domain names emerge the future of the internet will change. Customers will start identifying and searching for interest just by the URL.

Before You Register, A New Domain Name

there are a couple of steps that will take place before it will launch:

Phase 1 Application –

A proposed new TLD will be sent for submission to ICANN, once approved it will go into the Sunrise phase.

Phase 2 Sunrise-

A 60-day registration period specifically for trademark holders to reserve domain names containing their trademarks.

Phase 3 Landrush –

A special period for non-trademark holders to receive early access to domains, at typically higher prices.

Phase 4 General Availability –

The TLD becomes publicly available in a first come, first server basis at this stage.

Owners can purchase numerous relevant domain names, to promote and protect their brand name online. Why settle? Register one of the new domain names today!