Avoid Losing Your Domain Name Ownership

Keep Your Contact Information Up-To-Date To Avoid Your Domain Name From Being Suspended

It is now more important than ever to maintain current and valid contact information on file with your domain’s registrar. Beginning on January 1, 2014, ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) started requiring that all registrants confirm and validate any updated contact information. In order for the change(s) to take place. This validation is also required if a domain renewal or WHOIS Data Reminder Policy notice could not be successfully delivered to the registrant’s email address on file.

If a notice is bounced back or if a request to update contact information occurs, your registrar will send a request to the email address on file. Then you will be required to confirm the information by clicking on the provided link and following the instructions. Failure to complete the verification in the allotted time of 15 days will lead to the suspension of your domain name.

If the email address is no longer valid, you will need to contact your registrar or login to manage your domain name and make the necessary changes. Once the changes are requested, you will receive an email from your registrar with the link to confirm your new information.

Whois the Registrar?

The registrar is the company that you purchased your domain name through. There are thousands of them out there. Use our Domain search page to find out who your domain name’s registrar is.

Make sure your contact information is valid and up to date with your registrar. Your domain name may not expire for another ten years. With ICANN’s policy, your domain name could still be suspended if the contact information is not confirmed. Once your domain name goes into suspension due to unverified status, your website and your email will be inaccessible.

The only way to get your domain name back in Active status is to contact your Registrar. Have your Registrar resend the contact verification request to the valid email address on file. If that email address is no longer valid, then you will need to submit a request to update your contact information. After you send the request follow up by confirming the verification request that your Registrar will send to you.

There are no additional fees involved, if your domain name go into suspension during the contact verification process. It is merely a matter of requesting another verification notice from your Registrar. Then making sure to confirming it in a timely matter. After your contact information is confirmed the Registrar takes a few moments to restore your domain name’s native status. When your domain is back to Active your website and email will be back up and running, as well.

For FAQs on the policy validation process, please click here. You can find full details on the ICANN Policies, here.