Can A Secure Site Raise Your Google Rank?

How can a secure website raise your search engine page ranking?

Local small business website owners know that to compete with larger companies their website must surpass their competitors in search engine ranking results. Currently, the quality of your website content is the cornerstone of your search engine ranking. Right now Google applies 200 other ranking signals to their algorithm. Their algorithm to filter out the bad and keep the relevant websites.

With the large number of breaches and cyber threats occurring, security and internet safety have become a top priority for Google. Per Google’s official blog, secure and encrypted sessions will now play a role, search engine rankings use secure sites as a key metric in search engine rankings, to encourage internet safety. Websites adopting methods like SSL encrypted website sessions will be rewarded by receiving better ranking results from Google.

What is HTTPS?

HTTPS stands for hyper text transfer protocol secure, and is a secure version of HTTP. Online banking and e-commerance websites commonly use. For a website to have HTTPS they need to use a SSL certificate. A secure sockets layer (SSL) certificate creates a secure connection and uses a cryptographic key to encrypt and protect data during server to client computer transmission. By protecting your website and client sessions with a digital certificate, you will see your website rankings boost.

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Some of the information in this article is currently out of date. You can read an update article, about current SSL certificates on our blog.