Wasting Too Much Time On Spam

You May Be Wasting More Time On Spam Messages Than You Think

For most a typical workday starts with accessing their email account to be greeted by an exhausting series of spam messages. They start wasting time sifting through the possible virus ridden emails to find the desired work messages being sought.

This large abundance of spam mail entices you to join a dating service to find the love of your life, even though you may already be happily married. One informs you that you could be a size one and can do just that by subscribing to a weight loss program that will melt away the fat in ten days. Another brings news of a distant relative, who cannot be found in your family tree,  leaving you a rather large inheritance. Plus, as luck would have it, you won a gift card to Walmart, Olive Garden and Amazon. All you need to do is provide all your personal information, including your social security number, to qualify.

Netsonic’s Anti-Spam Service

Scammers create emails to coax you into providing your information. The spam emails attract you to click on a link or unsubscribe to the email; spam holds many hidden dangers. Our new anti spam service was created to protect against these emails. With the anti spam blocking double anti virus engines to remove all virus ridden emails. It also blocks 99.9% of spam, reducing the chances you click a wrong link or fall for the fraud. Save time and money, but most importantly stay safe while using your email account.

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