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The Ides of March

You’ve all heard the saying “beware The Ides of March,” but do you know about any tragic events apart from the murder of Julius Caesar? March 15th Through History The assassination of Julius Caesar 44 BC The raid on Southern England 1360 The Apia cyclone in Samoa 1889 Czar Nicholas II, ruler of Russia, forced…

Are You Risking Your Company’s Reputation?

The Impact Of A Data Breach To Your Company The potential of a business encountering a data breach is higher than ever before. Security threats are intensifying and rapidly evolving daily, causing data breaches to increase in frequency. There have been some recent massive incidents involving large corporations including Target, Neiman Marcus and Jimmy Johns….

Cloud Security – Is Your Cloud Data At Risk?

The security of your data in the cloud  Attention has been drawn to the security of the cloud, since news has emerged of dozens of recently stolen and leaked revealing celebrity photos. An anonymous hacker has claimed to access more than 100 celeb Apple iCloud accounts, by figuring out weak passwords and answering easy security…