Why Your Datacenters Physical Location Matters?

Location is something every brick and mortar business thinks about when they first start. Many different factors are consider like the people who live or visit the buildings location? How is parking, and driving to the location? Is there enough space for your business, and can I grow at this location?

So why don’t online business think about the physical location of a datacenter?

Why Does The Physical Location of Your Datacenter Matter?

The datacenter is the physical location of your website. If your website and online business is located at an unsafe physical location you could lose all of your website data and have to start from scratch. Here is a simple checklist of things you need to remember when choosing a datacenter.

Natural Disasters

You can’t stop natural disasters even if you want to. From the start of 2018 until April 6th 2018 there has been over a 1 billion dollars in losses so far. There are a few different types of common natural disasters in the US.

  • Earthquakes
  • Hurricanes
  • Tornados
  • Floods
  • Wildfires


You want to pick a datacenter that makes sure that problems like power outages, and high heat don’t become your problem.

Enough Generators In Place To Provide Back Up

Power outages happen all the time, for different reasons. Just like natural disasters datacenter can’t always predict when they are going to happen. That’s why one of the qualities you should look for in a datacenter is generators. All generators and generator systems aren’t created equally.

A generator that doesn’t turn on automatically after a power outage or can’t be refueled while on can lead to your website having downtime. Making your business lose money.

Cooling Systems

When your working on your laptop for a few hours you can feel how hot it gets. If you ignore it or don’t notice how hot your laptop really is, your laptop could turn off. Turning off is technologies way of saving it’s self so it can cool off. While it can be annoying for a computer to shut down if it’s to hot a datacenter is different story. In a datacenter single servers or entire racks of servers can shut down if they get to hot. Making your business’s website have downtime, that downtime could lose you money.

That’s why it’s extremely important when choosing a datacenter for businesses to make sure the datacenter has a cooling system or cooling systems to keep the server room cool.


Physical Security

We lock our door to our apartments, house, and cars. This way we protect our valuables from theft. With data being your business most valuable asset, it’s important to keep the server that has your website is safe from theft, and people that might want to cause harm to your website.

When you chose a datacenter make sure they have safety measures in place. Physical security measures could and should include 1 or more techniques. These techniques can include locks, video cameras, employee escorts, and identify identification of anyone allowed into the datacenter.

Cyber Security

When your choosing a datacenter you also have to look at cyber security as well. You want to make sure, that the datacenter has firewalls, and other anti virus, and malware protections in place. This way your server is safe

Flexibility and Scalability

You can grow with the company

The number one reason you’re in business is to make money. As your business grows and gets more customers and clients you can make more money. When your looking for a datacenter you want to make sure they have enough space and resources for you to expand. You also want to look to see how long the datacenter has been operating for. This ensure you that the datacenter isn’t going to go out of business anytime soon.


Fire Monitoring and Suppression

Most datacenters try to make sure everything is up to code to prevent fires. However fires can still happen, having a fire monitoring and suppression systems in place helps protect the servers. When your looking at a datacenter’s fire suppression system you want to make sure it’s a waterless system.


Your online business and website depends on the physical location of your datacenter. Where your datacenter’s physical location is ┬ájust are important for your online bussiness as the location of a store is for a brick and mortar bussiness. Netsonic’s datacenter is located in Green Bay, WI.