6 Reasons Why You Should Backup Your Data

What is Data?

Data is every file you have on your computer. It’s every spreadsheet, document, photo, video, program, and application you have on your computer.  Can you imagine what would happen if you lost half of your data or more? It is true that some of the files could be recovered. The only problem is there’s no guaranteed what files you would get back.

Reasons To Backup Your Data

1.) Human Error

Humans make mistakes, that can cost you all your files and data. It’s as easy as spilling your morning coffee on your laptop, for your files to disappear. Also an employee might accidentally delete a file that is important, or make a change that can’t be fixed.

2.) Virus

Viruses delete important files, on computers. Some viruses like ransomware encrypt your data and files until you pay the ransom.

3.) Theft

Smaller business that only use one computer, are vulnerable to theft. You could leave your bag on the ground and someone takes it. Or your car, house, office, or hotel could get broken into, and your computer gets stolen.

4.) Natural Disasters

Easily a flood, earthquake, tornado, fire, or hurricane could make you lose your irreplaceable files. Backing up your data allows you to be one of the first business up and running after a natural disaster. Allowing you to get the business from other area businesses that haven’t backed up their data and files.

5.) Saves Your Reputation

Imagine if you had to call up your clients to tell them that you lost all of your files and data. Would you even have all of your clients and customers contact information to call them. If you did have their contact information, would you lose a few customers by making them feel unsafe or nervous. Would you be trusted by them much longer?

6.) It Saves Your Business

If you didn’t back up your data and files, and had to remake everything from scratch, could you? Even if you were able recover some files how much time would it take to remake the ones you couldn’t recover? Losing and remaking all of your files and data, could close your business permently. By backing up your data you don’t have to spending the time remaking your files, and worrying if your still going to be in business.

Need Help?

Data backup is such and important thing to do that there is a World Backup Day. You have the reasons why you should back up, so why not do it? If you need help finding the best back up solution for you, Netsonic can help.  We have an entire disaster recovery and back up solution plan in place that your business can use. If you don’t decide to do your data backup with Netsonic, consider other backup solutions. You can’t go back in time, protect yourself by backing up your data today.