What is a virtual dedicated server (VDS)?

What is virtual dedicated server (VDS) hosting?

A Virtual Dedicated Server, also known as VDS. A VDS offers you full allocation of its server resources, isolation from other accounts and complete server control equivalent to that of a dedicated server. You get all of the flexibility and reliability of a VPS environment.

Security, Performance And Control Equal To That Of A Dedicated Server:

With a traditional dedicated server, your website resides exclusively on that server. A Virtual Dedicated Server is a partitioned server, with a dedicated operating system and full root access for each account within those partitions. This makes the server perform and behave like a standalone-dedicated server, providing full resource usage for high performance and complete customization and in a secure isolated environment unaffected by the activities of your neighbors.

Elastic Server Resources To Meet Demand Like a Virtual Private Server (VPS):

Like a virtual private server, you can scale your resources up or down as needed. A virtual dedicated server offers guaranteed provisioned resources.

Website owners are choosing virtual dedicated servers over VPS. Virtual dedicated servers deliver performance, security and uptime and other benefits and capabilities of a dedicated server. The only difference is its offered at a fraction of the cost, in an elastic way. Find out more about Netsonic’s VDS plans.