Benefits Of Using A Development Website

Your online presence is extremely important. The internet influenced sales up to $2.1 trillion in 2016. It would be insane for a business not to have a website.

The internet is constantly changing, new social media platforms, ad easier and more efficient ways to take online orders and programs. Not to mention your marketing team wants to change the color of a button, or add social media pins to your content to help boost the businesses conversions.

The problem and fear for most small business is that one small change on their already functional website, can cause problem they can’t fix. The downtime experienced from trying to improve your website, doesn’t seem worth it.

This is where a development website comes into play. It takes the fear and unease with updating your website away. The development website is a copy of your live website. This way you can make whatever changes you think would improve your user experience, and conversion rate.

Then you can tinker, change and see if you like what you did before you put it on your live website.

Benefits of a Development Website

Changing Design and Features

Having a website that looks nice, professional, and is easy to use is good for business. This means updating your website to meet trends that aren’t going anywhere, like optimizing your website for mobile use. As your business grows or your business decides to go another direction you might decide to rebrand.

This could include changing colors, layouts, fonts, and how  images appear on your website. Your marketing department might decide that changing the color, the font, size or placement of a button might help increase conversions. They might also want to add Pinterest pin it buttons on your photos, a shopping cart button, or another type of social media post.

Staff Training and Referencing

It’s a fact of business that you will loose and hire employees. When you get a new employee you have to train them. It’s sometimes easier to have them write, upload, and make changes on the development site instead of the live site right away. This allows them to learn the company’s policies and producers. It also lets you as the business know your live website is safe, with the new hire.

No matter how long an employee has been working on your website, sometimes unexpected code problems happen. Development websites are the most current copy of your live website, this means all the code is up to date. You can compare your live website’s code to your development website’s code. This allows you to fix tough to solve code problems.


Development websites can be an asset to your business. They allow you to test out beneficial designs, modifications, and features that allow you to have more conversions and a better user experience. Having a development site also allows you to train your employees. However if you want to ensure your business won’t suffer from downtime for too long, if your live website is down, make sure you backup your data. You can get manage all of your websites with Netsonic and Plesk.