Cloud Infrastructure Setup

Do you send texts from your mobile device, shop online or access a Google or Yahoo email account? If so, you are already experiencing the power of a cloud infrastructure. The cloud has become one of the most robust hosting technology options available, with a great number of benefits for businesses that utilize it.

One of the many reasons the cloud has become such a compelling service is the cost. Cloud hosting significantly reduces expenses, because you’re only paying for the resources being used. When needed, you have the ability to scale your resources up or down based on your current needs, making it easy to satisfy your requirements quickly and cost effectively. The cloud infrastructure reduces any chance of downtime, with automatic fail-over, making it a highly reliable hosting source.

However, there are many concerns surrounding the security and privacy of cloud computing. This is due to the many different cloud infrastructures available. Many of the current cloud hosting platforms store all client data together, mixed into one cloud. The problem with an infrastructure built like this is it allows people to interact with other clients’ data, risking the privacy and security of the data that is being housed together.

Unlike these cloud infrastructure platforms, Netsonic’s cloud houses all customers’ data into their own separate little silo, as a disk image, rather than on a shared file system. Instead of jumbling client data together, our cloud is isolating each client’s business data into their own little section, never allowing it to touch or interact together. To access an infrastructure like this with another company would be costly, because this is the setup of a private cloud hosting solution. Since this is our public cloud setup, you receive the security and privacy of a private cloud with the pricing of a public setup.