Issues Caused By Auto-Forwarded Email

Auto-forwarded email messages can cause email to be flagged as a spam source

Many people program their incoming domain email to be forwarded to a third party account such as Google, Hotmail, Yahoo, MSN, Live or Instead of having to check multiple accounts, all messages can be accessed through one centralized inbox location.

As a consequence, everything to their domain address is forwarded on, including spam, which causes them and the other customers hosted on the same server a blemished standing as spammers. This is due to third-party email providers not recognizing the true source of the spam. The spam emails will show as originating from their domain email account address and the firewall will blame this behavior on them as being the spamming source. In an event like this, the third-party provider will have your email blacklisted within minutes. These issues can be avoided by fully filtering out all email with an anti-spam service, before they are forwarded.

If this is something you’re currently doing, please add an anti-spam service to your email account at Netsonic as soon as possible and be sure NOT to flag any email as spam in your third-party email interface (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, MSN, Live or to prevent your server here at Netsonic from permanently being flagged as a spam source.