Get Your Server Out Of The Coat Closet – Why You Should Colocate To Netsonic

The company server room versus the datacenter – why you should colocate to a datacenter today.

When you enter into your company server or website, you are accessing a highly powerful network. If you journey to the center of that network, you would most likely find either a datacenter or a server closet.

The datacenter is a facility used specifically to home servers that transfer data worldwide. If you were to step into a datacenter the first thing that would catch your attention is the noise. The whirring of server fans regulating airflow, and the vast consumption of energy supplying power to host millions of websites along with their business data. These aisles of racks, full of servers, are making businesses tons of money. Each time they transfer data to lead normal every day business ventures.

Now lets take a step into the server room. That little closet that was sitting unused where you decided to place a big pile of cash, otherwise known as your company’s servers. As you open the door with as little security as a door lock, a blast of heat hits you. This disaster closet housing your servers is not only hot, but also highly unventilated. The danger of almost tripping on one of the chords from the very large mess of cabling on the floor catches your eye next. Next you see one overloaded power strip, without surge protection thats powering all of the servers.

Benefits Of Using A Datacenter

It is time to get the core of your business out of the coat closet and into a datacenter. Datacenters are the only place that gives you full peace-of-mind, allowing you to sleep at night. A datacenter is an entire building devoted solely to housing servers. Why are you risking the livelihood of your business to spilled coffee, a blown fuse or costly power consumption? A datacenter can provide everything you need.

– Who can access your server? Datacenters provide high security including alarms, surveillance monitoring, and door control with escorted customer access only.

– Are you running off just street power? What if a power failure or natural disaster occur and cause a power outage? Each datacenter has a diesel generators on site. The power can be out for days, and generators allow the datacenter to still be running.

– Is the server in a high-risk environment? Datacenters are built specifically for servers, unlike your company office. They have rooms built specially for water protection, controlled temperature and humidity. Datacenters are built with redundancy, backup power supplies, air conditioning and dustless fire suppression. Dustless fire suppression will sense a fire and discharge dry chemicals on the source of the fire. When dry chemicals are used ,versus water, so the equipment your data resides on does not get ruined.

-The cost of running your own infrastructure in a closet is much higher. In the long run if you place your server in a datacenter, you are saving money. You are paying for employees, physical security measures, and the power to cool the room and operate the server equipment, with your own sever. With a datacenter you pay one monthly fee.

Stop running servers on premise and place them where they are meant to be, in a datacenter. Colocate to Netsonic today!