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Cloud Computing Security

Valuable Tips For Cloud Computing Security As cloud server adoption continues to grow, so do security risks. The threat from cyber crime has made it vital to take some protective measures while computing in the cloud. Gain peace-of-mind by enforcing the following tips. When selecting a cloud hosting service read the fine print: Many people believe…

Are You Risking Your Company’s Reputation?

The Impact Of A Data Breach To Your Company The potential of a business encountering a data breach is higher than ever before. Security threats are intensifying and rapidly evolving daily, causing data breaches to increase in frequency. There have been some recent massive incidents involving large corporations including Target, Neiman Marcus and Jimmy Johns….

Can A Secure Site Raise Your Google Rank?

How can a secure website raise your search engine page ranking? Local small business website owners know that to compete with larger companies their website must surpass their competitors in search engine ranking results. Currently, the quality of your website content is the cornerstone of your search engine ranking. Right now Google applies 200 other ranking…