Bare Metal Dedicated Server

What is a Netsonic Bare Metal Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server refers to the leasing and exclusive usage of an entire server to one customer, housed within a secure facility.  Bare-metal servers also go by the name dedicated servers. A bare metal server holds only the bare bones; it does not include any software, preloaded programs, or operating system.
A bare metal dedicated server can be an ideal solution for businesses with high levels of website traffic, e-commerce or gaming sites, you may have concerns about latency, enhanced security or the need for specific server configuration.
Netsonic dedicated servers provide:

Full Server Control:

Freely install the operating system of your choice; customize the configuration of your software and hardware setup to tailor towards your hosting specifications and requirements.

Computing Power Dedicated Solely To You:

 A big reason businesses rely on a dedicated server is due to the fact they need increased bandwidth, memory or have high storage demands. With a bare metal dedicated server, all resources and speed are 100% exclusive to you for your server tasks; you will not share internet connectivity, hardware or disk space with any other customers. Other customers activities will not accept your websites uptime.

Maximum Security:

On a bare metal dedicated server, a business resides on its own server, making it the safest option available. That allows you to remove the risk of intrusion hacks, viruses, malware or other security vulnerabilities, due to lacking security and influence from other client websites. Control all server activities while keeping snoopy neighbors out.

Full Server Administration And Root Access Control:

With full server admin rights and root access control you can reboot your server yourself without the need to create a ticket and wait for a technician to power down your server. Individually configure your DNS records as needed.

Dedicated IP Address:

Every dedicated server receives one IP address and can purchase up to 16 maximum.

Datacenter Environment:

 Your dedicated server will be stored in our secure datacenter location versus on premise.  Gain peace-of-mind knowing your server is running at maximum performance, in a climate controlled environment, with uninterruptable power, within our powerful redundant infrastructure, offering the highest level of reliability.

Full Server Control Without The Cost:

Have complete control over your server without the added cost for on premise ownership. Server network and uptime maintained and monitored by our technicians, while you manage the rest. Have comfort knowing your server is being backed up and updated regularly.
Start leveraging the Netsonic datacenter, and saving money from hosting, maintaining and managing your own onsite servers. With a high level of support and uptime, redundancy, backup and high bandwidth, launch a dedicated server today.